Three golden minds trying to produce results dramatically at work


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Good work.
Recently, time spent on juniors’ education has increased.
At the same time, we inventory how to produce results at work that I am thinking
It became necessary to tell the other party in an easy-to-understand manner.

This blog is probably not reachable to its juniors’ eyes
As we continue to educate in the future we are going to tell the following things consistently and so we will also disseminate the meaning of the memorandum to the world.

* If a acquaintance’s junior finds it / it is not a thing to press, so it is nice to see it.

Supplementary to get deeper reading 1 · Mind and skill

· The mind here is,
Mind = Attitude, recognition, feelings in tackling work
Shall be referred to.

· Furthermore, in the environment near me, is it adjacent to the mind in education? I have skills in the words I am doing.

“He’s not the learning skill yet, but the phase of learning the mind.”
“It’s funny to be caught by the immediate skills and forgetting the mind.”

I will cite skills as next word like such as.
In myself, I believe that skills will shine (more effective) when there is a mind
From experience it is thought that if there is a mind to the extreme level somewhat it can be solved by that alone.

Supplement 2 for getting deeper into reading 2 · Standing position

Although I am a participant in the education of the junior this time, as a standing position, it is not a participation in the application phase which teaches skills
Education of the mind, participation from the basic phases became.

Regarding the applied phase, I understand that there is a part that can beat the person who continues to absorb the skill of the battlemaster in the field
Now I am fighting with the recognition that it is the part of the mind that I am being asked for and being evaluated.

The introduction became longer, but immediately ,,

It is easy to talk. . !

I will go three minds!

1. Continue to be strongly conscious of achievements and purposes, to ask self-asked questions

When working on a certain job, it is a mind as to whether you can continue to strongly conscious the goal of the job.

For example, the purpose of my work is “to maximize and optimize the customer’s profit (mainly through WEB · WEB advertisement)”
It will always be strongly conscious of its purpose

“Is this work useful for achieving customers’ achievements and purposes?”
“Is the material useful for your achievement and achievement at this level?”

By keeping asking questions, it also leads to an increase in quality, and on the contrary, it can eliminate the work that is going on from the purpose.

Mind Thinking how effective and effective work can be achieved while achieving 2.1

Efficiently and effectively continuing to accomplish 1 is required both in work and in life.
Many of my dreams are growing up to dreams up to levels that can not be fulfilled if you are living normally
Always look for efficient and effective way.

In occasional words,
Some people like “This is a job that is asked for accuracy, so it does not matter how efficient it is!”
Since it is important how to achieve accuracy efficiently, let’s have your mouth chucked.

★ Although it is completely exceptional, it is also time to do jobs other than shortest, efficient, or effective, not meeting the requirements, resolutions, sometimes in life, even the shortest, efficient, effective work.
Perhaps, if there are many quite clever people, they lead similar answers and cause similar behaviors, so it feels like the reverse of that.

“This road is the shortest but it gets congested, so is it an image that seems to be avoided”?
It is a snake feet lol

3. Mind to have positive feelings when involved with myself

In work, there are probably more than 99.9999% of work that one person can not complete.
In other words, it is very important to work with others.

I noticed there, I am conscious of this title.

“There is plus thing to do with yourself”

People around me think this and a dramatically good cycle will occur.

Examples of plus

· When you ask him, more deliverables will come out than you expected! I also want to work with him next.
→ If you are inside the company, you can also step up as well as the next job
If you are working independently, it will lead to continuing work, new work.

· In his report, the content is complete, it is easy to read and easy to understand, I should ask for the next one.
→ You can give a positive feeling to your opponent just by spinach.
I omit it because it will be a skill, but I would like to impress the opponent with every communication.

· Although it seems that it is sluggish now, he is sincere and takes notes and he is looking forward to the future!
→ There are few people who can be active from a new employee right after the start. I’m sure if I can start up w
Even though I thought that I am not enough yet, the future wants to refine my work and my surroundings
I think that feelings and posture are shown, and there are many who feel that it is positive if I can see it.

With the mind of this 3., a nice wind flows dramatically into myself.
I would like to practice as the last spice.


I put in my stocktaking and tried it together.
I do not want to push it, I think that I would like to refine further by receiving feedback from outside the company inside the company.
Thank you for your consideration!

Today it was these days that I think a positive influence on the person engaged.