[20170413] No. 168 almost daily listings Guy communications


① Enable cross-device remarketing using Google Analytics
It is said that GA has responded to cross-device remarketing!

②Google, a free online drawing tool “AutoDraw” applying machine learning Presentation
This tool is very interesting! I think that you try using it!

③ Category block setting that can be specified in Facebookbook advertisement is shared by all platforms
It seems that it has become possible to fine-tune distribution destination of Facebook!

④ A / B test of ad text of “ad group not converting”
Although it is CTR or it is an indicator, there is also one indication of staying time

⑤ Launch an API to dynamically create canvas ads from Facebookbook
Let’s use Facebook as a positive station image for external collaboration!

⑥The judgment power of work gets better! Business analysis steps
Although listing is not related much, I thought that it is optimal for honeing business power!