[20170411] No. 167 almost daily listings Guy communications


① YouTube, can not skip 30 seconds CM was abolished in 2018 and abroad Coverage
It will be abolished in the future. Tsubane is also doing a lot to improve advertising

② YouTube, channels with less than 10,000 viewing times are eligible for < / A>
To hit such new measures is quite new idea. It is a must-see within the article!

③ When you search for “ZOZO Tsuke payment” in SN, the case that it was a storm of stupid
It seems that sales have been tremendously increased after ban lifting if it is information on some reports or information. It can also be said as a forbidden trump card w

④ “Google”, “Similar items” for mobile image search Introduced function. EC site has a chance to raise sales
This is SEO’s upward compatible and it’s so funny