[20170328] No. 162 almost daily listings Guy communications


① [Preservation version] Web media editor-in-chief personal SNS account summary (Facebook / Twitter version)
Shall I squeeze social celebrities!

② Confirmation when the convenience of the landing page is “below the average” Improvement points
It is a part that affects the score, so I’d like to confirm such part!

③ I understand when I buy things, the current state of advertising communication
It was a perfect story. In this way, it may be important how you achieve results in the branding area

④ Only three ways to improve the click rate of listing ads
Since improving the click rate of the advertisement affects various places, first of all, I want to make it very close

⑤ What kind of profession is web analyst? I met an advanced web analyst and asked.
It was an interesting story as it is said that access analysis will have a positive effect on the company!