[20170324] No. 161 almost daily listings Guy communications


①Ezzine editor-in chief “There is no lucky in EC, there is always a trick in EC site to sell”
I want this book ~ I will buy it at a company

② If the rank drops due to Fred Update / possible countermeasure measures
It seems that special things did not happen. Fred Update

③ It depends on “face” what kind of advertisement goes out – Hakuhodo develops a face target
I am curious as to whether the response will be different depending on the advertisement at the time of smile and angry face, sad face

④ How many stores in the domestic EC site / net shop are running?
I am concerned about what system you use!

⑤How to raise customer lifetime value (LTV) by listing advertisement and win the market
Points to raise the lifetime value are written so please take a look!

⑥YDN video advertisement is not available on the guidelines published
It seems that posting criteria are different for YDN video advertisement It is interesting!