[20170306] No. 149 almost daily listings Guy communications


① The most recommended EC site is “Amazon”, and the sites with many repeat purchases are highly recommended
It is interesting in the sense of EC survey!

② When you feel that smartphone performance is not good
Certainly, the option of separating campaigns may be difficult to manage in terms of management, but it is a measure you want to take on achievement. .

③Encore Industry Chaos Map 2017 – EC Acquisition Service
I want to become a company to ride here ~

④ New listing listing advertisement operator did it 8 common bad habits
I want this contents to be shown to a considerably young operator ~

⑤ Male operator must-see! Trends and countermeasures for women’s esthetic projects “Listing advertisement”
There are many implications in the preamble part, but the male operator who wants to take measures against the esthetic is really must see!

⑥ More visual, easy to understand mobile search results: Google Japan Blog
It is conceivable that users move from advertisement to SEO area by enriching mobile search results. That means that, as mobile advertising begins to become rich in the future not far away!