[20170222] No. 143 almost daily listings Guy communications


① First of 12 things to do in order to raise the landing page conversion rate
This article is an article of permanent preservation version which is with sense value inside canary!

② Mail order · Improvement of “regular purchase” of EC – Saitama prefecture totals the amount of payment to the country Request for request such as notation
This is an interesting article. There is a possibility that it will be mandatory to undertake policies that go down in terms of CVR under the guidance of the state, but it is necessary for true UX ,,,?

③ Scalar smartphone user experience, even if the information gets longer Should I summarize it on one page?
I always want to find the optimal solution at the moment!

④Net advertisement must become “advertisement” once more (This is a great story!)
Especially in a smartphone device it becomes a delicate problem even in terms of the occupied area. I must read this article

⑤ Increase browsing of Internet advertisement, damage more than 10 billion yen / year
I have not read the membership story, but Ad Froud is the darkness of the industry. .