[20170131] No. 131 almost daily listings Guy communications


① [1st time] Mechanism of automation of search linked advertisement utilizing API
I think that automatic generation from keyword and advertisement first party data in API utilization is amazing. Read it!

② Atala’s operational advertisement report creation support system becomes Yahoo’s Preferred Partner
Report automation is one of the indispensable points for ad operations!

③ Capture the user’s” want to shop “moment by using Google’s shopping advertisement (prequel)
I think that there are many requests for improvement of data feed in shopping advertisement, so this example of improvement is helpful.

④Google introduces the latest best practices of Gmail Ads
It was original English! Let’s translate it and read it! I wonder if there are someone who is mastery, I want to learn

⑤ Traffic a square image with Google AdWords’ responsive advertisement essentially < / A>
Change image size is a big move so it’s a must check!