[20170125] No. 127 almost daily listings Guy communications


① Make purchasing will be 168% on watching movies! Learn which video marketing you want to incorporate into business
I will tell you when to use video. It is interesting.

② shake the fundamentals of programmatic advertisements that you can not do without knowing The problem of Ad Froud: The 2nd Ad Froud thorough dissection
I also care about knowing from last year. There is a stroke to try to snuff from the ad network.

③ [Example of site improvement] CVR tripled if partial recruitment is not disclosed!
In the title, I felt that this method was nice! How to use your head, victory over the idea of reversal!

④ [Original English] Automatic sync of Google AdWords campaigns with Bing Ads
Bing wants to see a structure completely based on cooperation with AdWords. It is interesting, is not it ~

⑤ Introduce 8 exhibitions that can collect information related to Web marketing in one stroke
Mr. ferret gathered up to save time and effort to find out! Thank you!

⑥ What is the difference between extended text ads in listing ads and traditional advertisements?
I am sandwiched between examples, but I like to put these figures properly. What about your numerical example?

⑦ [GoogleAdWords] I thought about the target setting of a mobile device in a story tick
You can see that there is an easy-to-use delivery method for your mobile carrier. Thank you Mr. C!

⑧ Start of providing the YDN trafficking support tool “Campaign Editor”
It is time for the era of YDN not to mess with CSV. . So this is a luxurious generation! (Old-age cheating)