[20170124] No. 126 almost daily listings Guy communications


① Must-see! Let’s practice this in e-mail marketing in 2017!
I learned the fundamental things about e-mail magazines. I think there is only a challenge!

② “Social security equivalent to regular employees after independence” – Independence of engineers Support service “Midworks” officially released
I tried to register. secretly. Waiting for a talk while thinking that it would be good if more cases for marketers are added

③ Think about raising the value of conversions
Since the value of a single conversion is not uniform, how to think about it is important for the cooperation between the operator and in-house personnel.

④ YuMe starts providing vertical video advertisement for mobile
It seems that vertical advertisement suitable for smartphone device is appearing. It is a trend.

⑤ Utilization of “Yahoo! Promotional Advertisement” in the smartphone era, told by three-star agencies and Yahoo
It is a good idea to introduce basic new features more and more. Is that the secret of strength?

⑥ Rakuten, postpay settlement service will be installed as standard settlement of “Rakuten pay” within the year
A certain intellectual says, but as the range of payment methods increases, purchasers will increase more. In EC

⑦ Facebook Advertisement “Automatic Rule” is updated! More flexible rule conditions and actions
The mechanism of automation is improved, and it is expected that sophistication of delivery will be done. . It is!

⑧ A data analysis package is added to the outdoor advertisement effect measurement system “ESASY” Appearance
Although I did not read the membership part, it is an incredibly intriguing system to measure the degree of interest in storefront display based on gaze!

Three innovations that help users find users with AdWords application promotions
From the official Google officials, there are explanations such as PR for automatic video generation!