[20170123] No. 125 almost daily listings Guy communications


① BtoB web marketing expertise demonstrated at MarkeZine popular lecture, finally converging into this one
I bought it! I would like to read in and share with you.

② “Usha smaho advertisement is no good” Google’s new How does the marketer face a penalty?
I just want to know that there are penners for interstitial advertisements!

③ “Other people are here Also search “function appeared, there were no related related word searches 3 + 1 new features
In Japan it is a form of a new suggestion, I think that the operator is a Vivit feature.

④ Enhance cross-screen compatibility of Google and YouTube ads – Linking Search History with YouTube Advertisements –
It seems that evolution will evolve, such as approach by action history.

⑤ Survey result on inappropriate operation in digital advertisement service implemented in Japan And measures to prevent recurrence
The details of the example gigantic incident came, do not you think about it by industry people?

⑥ Seven points you should know before you start to unravel from the Facebookbook advertisement complete guide
It is a sponsored article by ad listing, but the manual seems to be interesting!