[20170120] No. 124 almost daily listings Guy communications


① 50 creators have chosen! 2016 “I was jealous of this” Best ad · campaign (3)
It is quite good to summarize on this site because the series is quite good! PC recommended

② Stop App Indexing for Google and iOS. There is also no positive influence on the ranking
Is it the news that app install (for iOS) is weakened?

③ [Original English] Safari for iOS, Add click-to-call button of search suggestion
It appears that the Call To action is displayed in the search result. In overseas safari. I feel like this is an interesting evolution.

④ Search engine optimization (SEO) mechanism and three measures you want to keep
It is an article you would like to use even when teaching SEO to a complete newcomer!

⑤ About the attention area of 2017 in mobile, video, AI
Since future expectations are written, let’s try it. References to social advertisements and video ads are interesting.

⑥ 【SEO Breaking News】 Search key person leaves ‥ Matt Katz resigns Google officially
The big guy is gone! The industry also evolves and changes repeatedly. People as well.

Judge search queries appropriately and use them for measures
Query is fun to watch, especially when you are picking up by partial match. If it is a phrase coincident system, it is neatly ordered ,,,

⑧ [GDN] A case where I felt that the CTR of the viewing range is important again
The importance of visible impressions ,, AB on banner and true click rate on real thing is important ~

14 Access analysis required for Web marketing · 14 competitive analysis tools
Because it is a very useful article for marketing, it is a preservation version!

⑩ Must read if you are using the Instagram! Five new features recently added
It seems that Instagram is added as SNS function so please check marketer!