[20170118] No. 122 almost daily listings Guy communications


① “90% of the traffic coming from Google and Facebook advertisements is useless” Publish analysis results
Based on this, 90% of the bots, 10% of the loss will be human-like, but maybe such a thing happens. . Is it?

② How to make “why the customer buys”, what is marketing , To make value!
In order to provide value as a marketer, we need to think about this kind of thing

③ [Original English] Google will kill Google + on January 24, but it will not go for a good purpose
It seems that Google + evolves to 1/24. It seems that the sieve is forcibly terminated.

④ Are net ads seriously considered the feelings of “one in front of you”? / / A>
I think that it is the true value of advertisements when delivering really valuable information to the right place.

⑤ 【2017 Newest version】 Twitter advertisement 7 types and card format 8 format summary
It seems that lead generation has already gone. Reference article

⑥ “Chatbot = fully automated” is not! Corporate and users will be happy What is the way to use chat bots?
I do not think that I can use the chat bot well for customer correspondence on the site I guess it is evolving

⑦ Improvement measures and cautions when you want to extend clicks
It is saved that you do not have meaning even if you extend it blindly and that you classify 3 patterns when clicks are missing
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