[20170116] No. 120 almost daily listings Guy communications


Celebration No. 120! I keep on feeling good!

① Net shop opening preparation From summary production to attracting customer method 【Latest information of 2017】
If you are starting EC, you should read this page and you get the feeling that the influx of the instant is surprisingly important too.

② Review the movements of the accounts during New Year’s and holidays 【Listing】
We are verifying what is the correct answer, such as the movement of B2B. Let’s use it for the end of the year!

③Renewal of small and medium business B to B company, 6 points
Because it is holding down the important part of the site for enterprise (for B2B) site, it is a very important article!

④ 50 creators have chosen! 2016 “I was jealous of this” Best ad · campaign (1)
Although it is an article only for members, it is essential to register as we think that there is an indispensable stimulation for our advertisement men. & Becky’s back clean

⑤ Problem solving is the problem setting ability 90%
To be able to set up the task correctly means that the problem has been decomposed properly and there is a nomination to fight logically!

⑥ Marketing automation tools that generate annual 1000 business talks What is the MA usage method of a vendor? ~ Secret of CPA 200 yen, appointment rate 80%, contract rate 30% ~
It is strong that the numbers in the title are first offensive. . And SATORI’s banner really looks

⑦ 2016 Best advertisement-awarded idea in the world Best 10
I think that there is an indispensable stimulus for the advertisement man and it is essential & worth seeing!