[20170114] No. 119 almost daily listings Guy communications


① 【GDN · YDN】 I tried delivering animation banner
Actual data that animation banner system may not have much effect on CTR effect, too much, & may take less place to output

② Reason why UNIQLO EC sales are sluggish
It means that it was sluggish due to stops and lack of items on next day delivery. Conversely, for EC, these are strong USPs

③ Provide the industry’s lowest-priced low-cost and highly reliable “Pharmaceuticals Check” service!
It is very strong for the listing industry that will check the affairs. The medium of Y is very difficult to judge. .

④ Instagram Stories, Starting Pilot Experiment
I did not know that the guard who disappears in 24 hours is operated. . Advertisement is now also put on! It is!

⑤ Google “If it’s not HTTPS all the time, it’s going to be terrible with Chrome, First of all it’s the first punishment. “
It is not good as SEO, and if you come to the site and be warned variously, if you feel like a site CVR would not have a good effect