[20170111] No. 117 almost daily listings Guy communications


① Evaluate mobile page displaying Google, interstitial Reduce algorithm update done as announced
The ad that jacks the full screen is said to lower the evaluation as a mobile page, did not it be interstitial with adsense?

② IT industry businessman social worker Recommended audiobook 14 books
Why is this article because I thought that collection of information on an audio book is interesting!

③ Basic idea for increasing conversion rate
In this article, it is said that we will deliver advertisements to the correct users, but there is also a point of communicating valuable information with advertisements!

④ [Case introduction] Is CPA of Remarket / Ritague higher?
I think that there are occasional accounts that you want to compete with remark alone, but you can hit a lot of measures anyway It’s fun.

⑤ Enable excluded keyword list setting at AdWords MCC level
It makes management easier! I knew for the first time that the name of MCC changed.

⑥ Why does UGC improve advertising effectiveness? Creatives of times when ads are disliked
I was worried about the word, I looked in and searched for it.

⑦ I want to know if it is a marketer! What is the “peer effect” that is the key to SNS marketing?
It seems that it seems that it seems to be good to see a lot of diapers on it. I want to make good use!