[20170107] No. 115 almost daily listings Guy communications


No. 115!
happy New Year.
Humbly again this year.

① Yahoo search (not provided) nearly 100% search Keyword information
It seems that keyword information has been lost. . Farewell keywords!

② When starting a listing advertisement, we will also consider the effect measurement and ease of improvement
Think about a structure that is easy to improve, making it is also the essence of an important operator!

③ How did you change the internal organization of the A / B test? For personnel site @ type
Continuing the A / B test Continuing to build the foundation of the company is very important!

④ Marketing automation function comparison table ~ It is not e-mail marketing in marketing automation ~ < / A>
Because marketing automation is one higher order than listing, it is difficult

⑤ The existing listing advertisement account is intense How to find a search keyword to make a successful result 5 selection
happy New Year! Various methods are being sought for keyword washing out – is not it ~

⑥ Prediction of seven advertising marketing industries in 2017 ① ~ ③ (3)
I think that online bidding of the TV CM frame is so fun to die!

⑦ 2017 Advertising marketing industry seven forecasts ④ ~ that ⑦
It may be an indication that a company with educational environment will win over the lack of operation human resources!

⑧ The enemy of the last apostle search engine was “human” < / A>
Is it an eternal enemy rather than the last apostle and not a user? It is a human being to use it or to exploit it!