[20161230] No. 114 almost daily listings Guy communications


It is one more day to leave this year, is not it!
Nearly the daily Listing Guy was able to reach No. 114.
This is also a feeling of writing a sentence for someone in the world
I was moved with the instinct of intellectual desire to keep on knowing the situation of turbulent industry!

I would like to keep collecting various information while improving the daily degree properly next year, so thank you for your consideration!

Today is 12 articles!
I think that next year will be resumed after 1/4! Nice to meet you!

① Must see marketer using Twitter advertisement! Voting ads, four highly effective themes
I have not read the part of the paid article, but the part of the voting type advertisement is very interesting! It is!

② Hands on advertising for professionals
It is interesting to advertise for detailed people, professional people. Is it a method of reverse tension ,,,

③ [With case] Attract users! Tourism / Travel Industry Facebook Use Point
It is a very good summary to become a case study!

④ AdWords script supports video campaign
It is a pattern that corresponded! It seems that things related to movies are widely promoted!

⑤ Advertising prospective customers with display advertisement / social advertisement! How to broaden new measures / thinking way of thinking
It’s an article by Mr. Takeuchi who has a sense of star in the industry, so it’s a must-have check!

⑥ Looking over the search in 2017 – Google Miley Oya talks about SEO Journey #StateofSeach 2016
I would like you to read if there is a WEB shop in the end!

⑦ [Case introduction] Performance improvement greatly with LP improvement
Although it is basic LP improvement, I think that it is a truly happy event if CVR is about +1.5 points now!

⑧Facebook large announcement update Summary 【2016 version】
Evolution of Facebook is also remarkable! I think that advertiser entrance is overheated and it is a difficult period!

⑨ Loss rate of Impression share seen when performance falls and how to improve it
The imprinting of listings is a very important indicator. . I think that it is a scary index if you do not know it.

⑩ Look back on the evolution of Google Analytics this year. Optimization, data studio, and the story of 2017
It seems that tools from Google are evolving a lot!

⑪ 【Growth Hacker Must See】 27 Growth Hack Techniques and 100 UX · CRO Tools
It is a preserved version as an article I would like to refer to as Growth hack!

⑫ [2016 Summary] 5 trends to be checked in the EC industry this year and EC industry prospects in 2017
For the time being, EC who is involved in the EC wishes to think of this in the future as well!