[20161221] No. 113 almost daily listings Guy communications


① Measure conversions other than the goal page on the listing ad management screen
I think there is a new world that you can see by bringing the conversion point in front of you!

② Essential items for Facebookbook advertising operation! Business Manager Implementation Guide
Introduction of business managers is almost indispensable but little information! I mean, people at the window I am doing my best recently and it will be saved!

Three standards that determine the quality score and their respective improvement methods
Three elements are more important than crazy, so let’s remember!

④ 80% for travel reservation consciousness survey, online, retargeting advertisement 30% intentionally click
Ritague is doing my best! It is useful and cognitive spreading! Hang in there!

⑤ 【Example】 Sales 16 million yen UP! Publish e-mail magazine measures that brought results of 120% compared to the previous year
I will pick you up as I am thinking about e-mail magazine measures I want to study!

⑥ shake the fundamentals of programmatic advertisements that I can not do without knowing Ad froud issue
Recently the ad harrow problem has come to be taken up in Japan, right? Let’s know.

⑦ Content marketing industry-specific success case
Just watching it is interesting so let’s memorize it!