[20161210] No. 111 almost daily listings Guy communications


① How to create similar audiences for Facebookbook ads and how it works
How similarity setting is different as each company know-how seems to be different, I think that it is an interesting article!

② Utilizing the “latest” heat map to make the A / B test successful Method
The introduction of the heat map tool is very interesting but I thought that the hurdles are still high in terms of mastery!

③Facebook introduces two new functions. A method to create a custom audience has been added, and instant articles can be specified for ad placement.
Evolution of Facebook is remarkable, is it a pleasure to strengthen custom audience equal to remark enhancement!

④ [Complete explanation] 5 ways to decide the cost of listing ads and 9 tips
This article is important & memorable as it is always to think about when starting up listing from zero!

⑤ What is necessary for advertising to be an industry that can keep dreams in the future?
If there are some people to be culled out, there is a person who survives with professionalism and exceeds the selection and wants to be a professional.