[20161129] No. 106 almost daily listings Guy communications


① Enable virtual currency settlement by bit coin etc. with “EC / CUBE” fee free
The addition of settlement method is good because there is time to become innovative in plain!

② Why does your display advertisement go wrong?
Since there are various ways of thinking, I think that it is very good to make it one reference.

③ 【Yahoo! Sponsored Search】 Enlarged text advertisement, I tried delivering.
I think that the CTR has been improved that it could take away inflows from organic search!

④ What is the ranking of the converted users?
I think that it is a very important point of view how many people converted.

⑤ correct URL management and setting method of listing advertisement
Learn about the correct URL setting for listings and this site is recommended

⑥ [2016 version] Optimal OGP description setting for Facebook and Twitter Conclusion
Especially for those who are conscious of the share in SNS, these concepts are not important!