[20161127] No. 104 almost daily listings Guy communications


(1) I think can raise the value of banner ads what should I do? Solutions to Google’s banner automatic generation of working with external data
Well seems to be generated automatically by Google’s services banner, take advantage of this like you want!

(2) to one of China’s largest SNS ad agency ADP’s partnership with Tencent
China blocked a variety of services including the LINE so to speak is the Galapagos from moderate measures are required

(3) summary of especially important in Google’s mobile first index #StateOfSearch
Because it is variously written in perspective, such as making a website for the mobile site master who is not to be missed!

(4) [new feature] in sponsored search bid price adjustment rate “all devices” setting is enabled.
But Google is an evolution for good!

(5) considering the measures according to the present state and future direction of improvement
It is a story of basic measures as the type of listing one refining in the high part of the effect,

(6) to make writing easy to read if you know, duh!The four sentence types explained
Learn basic writing is important, especially bloggers if it

(7) add a new “conversion tracking” LinkedIn type ad
LinkedIn ads you want to try it?-so let the management!