[Extras] in Japan most operators gather, listing advertising research group [established]




Operators gather most in Japan, listing advertising workshop

Salon introduction

[The purpose and principles]
To raise the utilization of listings and WEB ads, aiming to the next level of WEB practical use of Japan.
As for community activities.
This “operators gather most in Japan, listing advertising research group is a sponsor in heaven, in the Center
Consists of enthusiasm and motivation in listing advertising management and WEB marketers.
By the members who are at the forefront of marketing communication
Raise the level of WEB practical use of Japan will continue making activities.

[History of the Salon was opened.]
And amid the usually at certain listings advertising companies while going at home listings information gathering, aggregation, research,
For the marketer, wants to raise the world listing ads take advantage of more information widely spread up to, want to have better world advertising to think
I reached up listings of meetings.

[Audience participation]
○ operators running agents listings
○ representative listing ads are running in their
○ How to used in the hobby and business listings
★ own profits more than, advertising features, technical pursuit of devotion and enthusiasm can people greatly appreciated.
[Salon activity center]

* Of course without the disclosure of confidential information, it is

-Operation method for listings and specific difficulties, to perform a private Google ads for major community issues, such as
-Of-the-art tools of information exchange
And other marketing information exchange
According to Synapse time on-line or request such as privately held Facebook group sharing

Our content

And information listing Guy blog almost daily is (daily close) in the provision http://ten-pei.com/
-Members who gathered in the listings with each other on the set of worries, to discuss operational concerns, WEB tools utilization issues
-Defeat the information use, innovative delivery methods for listing, new research offers etc

★ each other sharing and discussion on such information, to solve problems in their WEB marketing.
★ aims to solve troubles of late on the WEB tend to be of one person’s solitude.
★ You can get the awareness the Agency even though its not anonymous synaptic time line in various discussion.


In Japan most hot listing organizations aiming at my MAS!