[20161110] No. 098 almost daily listing Gay communications


(1) [b] of the strongest creative theory large public! This is the way to continue raising the response efficiency of the Internet advertising!
In a scientific approach, statistical year love it!

(2) conversion user consider the following measures to the axis
Information obtained from the conversion users is very important from it!

(3) delivery method results in Facebook ads!
In a sense, similar targeting accuracy is a medium strength.

(4) case studies improve Facebook ads posted on how Vol.3 soared CPA and one-third down
Learning was CHAN-!Internal to the individual how Sutch.

(5) [case study] is the number of conversions in the sponsored search 270%-account restructuring and automatic bidding
It is the so-called haggle + automation.Is a good example.

(6) idea of improving conversion results cannot be acquired
Fundamental is that important!

(7) to see fewer impressions upon three things
Fundamental is that important!Part 2