[20161103] No. 095 almost daily listing Gay communications


No. 95! It will start counting down!

In listing the DFSA launched a full case has come up.
It is interesting!
It is fun!

That listing Gay today 5 posts that thank you!

(1) what is Google local stock ad?Characteristics and out how to paper!
I didn’t know I was such an interesting feature!

(2) [AdWords] < search &gt; advances in fact I delivered
Introduction of the demographic for searches is interesting is not to be missed!

(3) expanded text ads Merkle marketing report reveals the thinking and shopping ad position
It is a funny and different responses by the keyword type, not extend you CTR can win simply by reporting!

(4) Yahoo! promotional ad sponsored search expanded text ad dates, details announced
Yahoo!, it also specialises in fast speed for text expansion. ~

(5) [AdWords] based on analysis of user search advertising using DFSA
It is AdWords DFSA is hot right now.