I thought about the relationships which tend to strengthen the monitoring of


Titles are as follows.

Had the opportunity to think about the relationship to strengthen supervision and monitoring for successes and failures.I’m a tonight.

It is a story of a friend.

Friends “app to monitor me and my boyfriend did!』

I see I RLY like the monitor why?」

Friends “to feel secure and monitored each other.Calm, and relieved, they now are in this location you can see in real time ”

My “AHA, perhaps fallen into the situation (no monitor and secure, not) not?I think there is a limit to each other mutually and monitor. ”

Friends “I-bound, I’m monitoring it’s a little different, maybe, state values match the monitor and even then I think!』

My “AHA AHA sense, incomprehensible to me, but I’m referring to.”

I was suddenly back to here.
I was to be there and to do so, on their own similar experiences.

I see what happened with my boss, that MTG??You can do with me?」



I see I started to boss the daily but would like feedback.」

Boss “it?Just get it daily, I’m not going back?』

私「…. (Feedback to), is it? ”


I see is that I’m thinking of my boss and my boss has no idea.The appeal directly to the boss of daily anything feedback is well known also because I do not know.

Boss “qua w let drftgy Fuji this lp]

Now, these two cases, common denominator.

It is “that those who want to strengthen the monitoring”.

In the former case she and her boyfriend.
In the latter case I (men).

It is.

A common but why would the do not section.

The former two is at least agreement on monitoring enhanced.
The latter thought only one come the wishes that I hope to oversee.

Of the results in the two examples above, this is natural.
* In this case out for daily and are not questioning the level of return the spinach.

I hope to work through friends case I made a mistake.

I think the example of the former, even collapse in the changed temperature sensation of the moment success.

I think it really should be, rather than peace of mind against your opponent was intensifying monitoring to understand the essence of the person, rest assured, you trust that and I want to believe.