[20161016] No. 087 almost daily listing Gay communications


(1) keyword is ‘smart phone’, ‘data’, ‘videos’ from 2016, display ad market [インタビュー]
Read difficult to understand important things stand with this ad, I

(2) articles published after diffusion route, everyone is using methods that
We found indispensable to the spread of owned media talk!And I gotta note!

(3) 5% of the total digital advertising “unauthorized advertising”! Serious measures to glancing at the revenue for advertisers and media ad fraud
First of all learn the word ad fraud as let the industry people figure out!!

(4) to improve the conversion rate of four important elements:CRO (conversion rate optimization)
Organized method for improving conversion rates. Good technology and also trying to register to the e-zine.

(5) like a returned search results in mobile search search on the PC and another for mobile-specific index is made up of
Get special impact in mobile search results!In the UX is fun!

(6) is Instagram “good rate” to regularity, Twitter is irregular: 18000 Instagram the Twitter account
Is that the response rate is various media properties.