[20161013] No. 086 almost daily listing Gay communications


No. 86!

V2 was very cold.Health care is the walk!
Today is the 5 posts please!

(1) published the “AMP test” to verify the effectiveness of Google, AMP page
Did not complete AMP for my blog!Gannbarimasu!

(2) step you can understand in 5 minutes!Publish their best practice and know-how
Personal newsletter sales would work best as the curriculum so hot right now!

(3) advertising production experience alive in service design.
I think I give good influence to other advertising idea!

(4) [examples] examined the difference between the click-through rate by position and CV
Much depends on the position!Also the difference between the mobile would be.

(5) Yahoo! announced significant improvements for promotional advertising and sponsored search!Improving conversion measurement function, the introduction of the expanded text ads
Yahoo expanded text ads when I!?!Catch up with Google, eh eh eh eh! I still will be introduced