[Must see] negative-positive conversion of ads 5 Select [private client]


Good evening everyone made!

It is working in your listing “listing guy (not gay)’.

I want to introduce the phrase often experienced when involved in business today is in negative-positive conversion of that title as!

All listings is not in numbers not appears.
I’m also think in there good and bad thing.
I can’t change the “result” that the numbers reflected that.

Then, yet this does not?

And change the “interpretation” without changing the “results”,

* Of course, the results put in its best efforts is assumed.
Also a negative interpretation on that basis, it’s always
It interpreted positively.I can sometimes be, and how.

As long as we consider positive a negative experience on.
Let’s take a look.

Fewer impressions than last month

I think average number of searches from here, passing fad, such as referring to.
Audience left after this, yourself absolutely!

Lower click-through rate last month

→ is only users who need products to us may have clicked!

Last month more than cost per click rose

→ It is no doubt that market growing, intense competition has entered the competition!

Last month rose CPA

→ fighting in this conflict is
Anyone else can raise the price of your merchandise may be

Last month dropped the CVR

→ may be someone different and ever flowing.
Trend of new users could quickly!
Let’s make good use to improve!

In the end

What did you think.
And also be prepared as a last resort I think
There is also this way would make the following measures also!
Remember this is you guys are working hard to operate daily, good luck!
Just the excuse personal and fire practice, and I think that the oil fresh is best use of!