Talking about quality of resolution, number of leads to the growth of the people’s


Then I tried Lifehack.

(* One recently received such counseling, extracted the essence of the contents of that interaction)

“Decisions” are unavoidable in life
Reading, like the character, cut off

I see..

For example

And tried various things before the 20-year-old (who continued making the decision to try)

And not many decisions until the 20-year-old (who kept deprived the chance of resolution)

These two people are at this point in 20 years, of buried or not is not that is not open.

Is not only of normality to this Groove over the next 20 years or less experience for the future resolution of the latter.

I think I have decided the life quality, number of the decision.

There are people on the other hand said that such an idea.

“Has a specific number of decisions (good quality) can be in the middle of the day.Why routine is important “

I see

Decision unnecessary ≈ like the idea to shift to save low quality resolution in high-quality resolution.

That in mind, it is also trying to itself I think

“Save as much as possible, you can make a decision in the same decision logic’
“Always the first tough decision chapter and continue toward ‘
You can,
“You can become a tough heart reiterated the decision’
The thought there was.

Okay, I sleep so much.