[20160929] No. 077 almost daily listing Gay communications


No. 77!I feel Super lucky to post!
Today was supposed to extra blog listing attributes.
Of course I’m!
Today is 7 article!Here you are!

(1) five Facebook ad operations affect advertising paper format and its points
Various disposal because I just cannot choose!Will be helpful!

(2) [Note!: Changed method of PET containers NI Google tag (tag).
It seems fundamentally changed the tag.Surprise is such a big change.

(3) [Edition] holds the key to the match type in the “partial match”!
It’s only partial matches a listing production aesthetics and may!

(4) for cross-device RLSA (search for remarketing)
Minor update but I’m quite defence an important part!Attention everyone!

(5) enhance the search advertising to the growing enthusiasm of Google, users understand
Things improve!DFSA release is still good setting from where does not understand, and English’s blog!

(6) case CV rate increased, decreased click-through rate in the expanded text ads (Google AdWords)
It was successfully extended text that chains to the improvement of the CVR birds!

(7) production ads swaying in the illegal trade issue is a waste of human intelligence or?
Were many chess and advertising the jungle in one of those leaves, a interesting phrases!