[20160927] No. 075 almost daily listing Gay communications


No. 75!
Google demogratergue is procrastination, it is all like!
Today is 6 articles!

(1) CVR by up to 70% can be improved!And the point you want to kept to a successful online shop?
EC-concier service sponsored articles is interesting as I think!

Apology on Facebook, video viewing time excessive calculation (2)
Adjust the numbers on the upside was seen, I guess.Whatever announcement is important.

(3) LINE managers confirm in advance!How to measure the influx from the LINE in Google Analytics
LINE, such as not classified by default, so many need adjustment to

(4) regional settings, trying to deliver effective listings!
Detail about the region, it is made-

(5) [AdWords] officially start advances in search-based ads?
Official launch yet they didnt stay!You expect!

(6) can be ad operations?LINE Ads Platform LINE Tabata said status quo
I want to do a line!I don’t know quite how to sign up!