[20160927] No. 074 almost daily listing Gay communications


(1) change the other party’s behavior, not to change the way your
From the title of self awareness and fun was talking to marketing and user behavior!

(2) the darkness of Dentsu Inc. in a few minutes you can see corruption (bad business) and online advertising information
But rather the darkness of the Internet advertising in the middle is just moral story is huge!

(3) point does not fail in the EC site construction!Your instructions are wrong!
It can become a problem when you build has me thoroughly identify

(4) [listing] takes her shopping
I think without giving up the boys and you can do something.<, There,?

(5) in order to determine the real effects of advertising attribution analysis necessary?
It is easy to lively to the next measures with contacts ranging from CV, you can determine!

(6) sales up 15% apparel EC!Cart dropped measures likely to effect in MA
Remind measures that become a standard and is quite improved!

(7) FeedTech 2016: shopping ads need to be addressed now & in order to remain dynamic remarketing, achievements and points? Seminar review
Optimization of feed and I is still unexplored area.Easier with practice!