[20150924] No. 072 almost daily listing Gay communications


No. 72!
7 article here is.Thank you in advance!

(1) display AMP labels in the search results of Google, mobile-friendly Web pages
Mobile trends in the period label AMP AMP-compliant site, that I feel!

(2) Yahoo! promotional ad text supplement options advertising placement standards changes
Adjustment is made right become!

(3) the fourth period: mass advertising / digital advertising integration
Classroom so keep reading, please!

(4) this must-read!Base points to the 1 / 2 in-feed advertising cost per acquisition
Feed-x Let’s remake the story, isn’t it?!

5. fix all the listings match type “exact match” question!
Notation is helpful operators remember rule variants, such as!

(6)-feed advertisements how do results come in?That LP should be kept because people make
Landing which is particularly important and it was important to integrate advertising messages, articles!

(7) appeared in “store number” campaign for Facebook ads
Purpose of the campaign is to grow fast.However, leading?For it seems.