It’s important in advancing the work force to adequately tell you what we give


1. ability to properly tell you something

Ability to properly communicate to your opponent.
Power tell whether or not a person properly take action if I tell you this information.

This I know.

That’s because I now belong to the departments affected by work.

1. Requests for certain people to want information of 100 requests for 20 or even
2. Requests for certain people to want information 100 99.5 ask or even
3. Requests for certain people to want information of 100 120 requests or even

I think there are many examples but I’m glad this is my 2 and 3 is
Requests, such as 1 and have honestly disappointed.
Because the damage from this elimination is large,
Become a big Los Angeles building.

2. you want to keep what they 割り切れよ because I’m an office worker

It’s okay, here want to feel that I first in any position so that imminent?.

As already mentioned matter is simply a look at solution of I belong to the company.

Thought-would the company exactly what they want.

Incidentally I belong Department is the presence of back-office to undertake in-house support.

1. by opponents and opponents seeking to exchange their efficiency they can ask pointed and improvement, can take the stress and
2. between ourselves and others seeking efficiency, stress-free person becomes important ≈ (you get stressed on the side)
3. middle of the above

Companies are asking what in this case?
Companies in non-core work to turn into a back-office, targeting high-efficiency production if hope 2.
You could say that while too free-spirited company interacts and with dignity and integrity, their growth would be to choose one.

I think that I leave a comment above from the instructions in either the social norms permitted.
Even if stressed, it would work, you want to put away because the employee if it is 割ri切reyo, that would be extreme.

3. Summary of what you asked

To which he belongs, said that even back to the Office from the company’s venture.
Venture temperament, growing quality consciousness somewhat, the smart stance.
It’s so self-growth felt like and want.
A lack of State slowly out of the Exchange
People trying to improve the communication and does not condemn
I think you better than 8 hours to my devoting eight hours
I don’t think too selfish

And wants to be eventually fulfilled 2-3 in section 1 Communication Center
Want to find yourself only, select 1 or 3 in section 2 of
* Might argue that it would be better to grow your own, no, hold.

To write this way, and you get hungry tummy.

4. then write specifically what you want,

So far, with a conceptual, abstract story.
If fine writing on this blog by chance colleagues employees thanks for, might move feeling as it happens.
Thanks for looking at my boss, might be moving something.
Such hope would write.


1. most likely stuck in your instructions, look before you request a check whether action or when the letter is what do you think?

2. purpose and I love feeling that no failure is never angry, so next time you want to improve

3. internal communication is timely control is important, so it’s not that great as far as decisions speedy response you want, you want to keep holding on as soon as possible.

It’s probably or.
It is only on the job.
Basic’s are about the same, but I asked for so far in private yet.But I’m glad I made it.

Well then, so by the way, excuse me.