[20160921] No. 070 almost daily listing Gay communications


Holidays!No. 70

Yes-No!TENPEI Okinawa trip back!?!
I went on the trip to Okinawa.
It was a fun time.

Blog update my minutes rest mass.
In the first half of today is 6 articles.Thank you in advance!

(1) collect donations in Internet advertising?And the effective use of the “Google Ad Grants.
It is a good example to take advantage of the WEB marketing!You want to take advantage of and Glanz also.

(2) is properly reached a target to a/b test to check
It’s so important you have neatly reached the people first of all want to test!

(3) capture the micro moment see hourly detailed analysis
I think good time analysis, and the important philosophy.

And (4) “the ABM? In the Gospel of BtoB marketers?
Marketing based on account = businesses, organizations, in Japan since ancient times from rooted?!

(5) [breaking] Google Analytics leads to knowledge! Tried using the Assistant
Soon this feature implemented in the Japan version you want is a.

(6) rule 8 should not break on e-COMMERCE sites
I think it’s very helpful information to improve the site!