[20160921] No. 071 almost daily listing Gay communications


Let’S No.71!
7 article introduction is late today.Thank you in advance!

(1) 1st place to glimpse the power of content marketing
It shows that Matsuo’s improvement.For more information what is wanted.

(2) dealing with listing advertising management of automated information
It is important part of the summary.And assumed that can focus on higher level work by utilizing the automated.

(3) raising rates with the following LINE of the normal about 2.8 times!To all the mail-order companies that do
It is key because it’s pretty hot at the time can follow LINE layer and how do I increase the list I guess.

(4) in its listing advertising management? 7 points to optimize the cost-benefit review
Basics-is this site II-and you about listing plus the I of there was a conductor for a seminar!

(5) [AdWords] about Tablet Marvel
I think that the Tablet control becomes possible, so I take this opportunity to post!

(6) in the weekly ad filtering, sales / apps are 1.5 times.Boost profits using a game-specific ad networks see chart best”seven tips.
If you put the ads in the app example and not on the last measure of CPI, is good though!

(7) how to set negative keywords to maximize the results listings
Exclusions we think in this way is a good idea!