[20160915] No. 069 almost daily listing Gay communications


No. 68!

AdWords’s various moves and is filled with a pattern.
There are also articles for LIG’s!

Each person is from, blog holiday!

Today is the 7th article please!

(1) is switched to the ETA (extended text ads) deferred 1/31/2017
I can-not!

(2) [2016 Edition] free ecommerce tools best salesperson can be used
There is also one?!”Like”!

(3) official Facebook, introduced Blueprint certification system certification and proof of expertise
If this entitlement is going to take was when why not?!

Add a Google AdWords campaign group feature (4)
Seems somewhat improves the administration experience!

(5) add new features for mobile first time at Google, app and Youtube ads
Universal app ads is really good and want to try ~

(6) in Google AdWords, began expanded text ads! ? Of this writing!
Expression is the brush roll, and I like it.

(7) [how to attract 11 election] summary measures successfully BtoB marketing
Will be helpful to