[20160912] No. 066 almost daily listing Gay communications


Lot no. 66 of listing elements and (of course).

I feel a premonition of autumn.

Today is the 6th article please!

(1) Word listings?PPC affiliate 3-minute rule
Partnership with an affiliate listing is important.Note that to work

(2) for the 2016 Edition, search advertising keywords identifying method
Grids bind us method of my own because it keywords identifying method variously there!

(3) announced the new “attribution across devices” report and benchmarking, Google
And attribution measurement across devices becomes possible.

(4) optional sample display ETA (extended text ads) and the display title information
Be careful to configure with ETA does not omit important information!

(5) in 1 month 8, 000 acquisition!LIG poll results and forms description
LIG’s case and EFO?Was the introduction of the tool.I think it’s good.

(6) [must see] and goads us to copy?Copywriting, article 10
In the archive you Tarzan well!