Thinking that adding value or the deduction principle I said


Thank you and thanks for reading this blog always people.
I thought today, trying to update a column describing a little different.
Thank you in advance.

… There were people complaining it is crowded, and reminiscing a certain story.


Certain people “. 00 men’s, but rather said that I can‘t, I can’t, not”

And that some people complain it is crowded.

I see I see.」

I see like said in other words, can it?」

Certain people “Yeah but…”

I see it’s men are not likely to be also true, there is something that’s true? I think not good words can not even look I think it’s not fair.」

I see you are a fighter Socialist!.」

Exchanged the kind of story.

Want, we must work out the story, and certain people are my deduction principle and being far to old to someone else noticing I had said.

I think that once again pointed from me and had me with care deeply.

Advantages and disadvantages of demerit points and adding value principle ~ more kogure Taichi’s new book

It is not a further deduction principle I mean that.
Because it is so helpful to read.

Indeed, where people felt that I also had the feeling that quite match.

In a cup with water

“This just in”
“Not only this.

And I thought would be close, or not what you think.

Please pray the words is linked to

“Nothing in the principle of adding value = 0 points, failure is not minus count.

I received this word many people’s mind, the challenge will have to be active.

It’s going to deliver it to their hearts, of course.