[20160907] No. 064 almost daily listing Gay communications


No. 64!

Nintendo 64!It means no!

5 article today!

(1) CPA 45% cut!And improve results with Facebook advertising secrets!
I think very good examples.It will be helpful to

(2) management by objectives of the campaign group with common goals with ease
Common outcomes campaign management as it is evolved!

(3) Google, a newly announced search advertising for fashion “Shop the Look”
It seems the evolution of apparel of advertising in AdWords.Currently in the testing phase is

(4) [breaking] rank during the cataclysm “is not the Penguin update.
SEO is the upheavals in!Upon gazing!

(5) [listings: need phone number tap number measurement
It must take to ensure phone CV.GTM in Petit’s he is!