[20160906] No. 063 almost daily listing Gay communications


No. 63!

Today in a wide array of information which should not be missed!
Please please check!

8 article today!

(1) advertising display options may well effect measure
Check basic is functioning properly is important.

(2) SEO professionals not to be missed!’ve used ferret with Advanced SEO tool Gyro-n SEO (SEO gyron)
Gyron, I’ve registered this site too!

(3) focus on Facebook, sites optimized for mobile advertisers –-advertising display faster too
I’m on FB, have been mobile for a favored trend.

(4) purchase trend targeting at Facebook.
It seems can targeting based on data from other companies but not yet in Japan have seen a link to further!

(5) [examples] average ranked better outcomes is the second case
Important process of adjustment are writting!

(6) display a Google acount restructure
Display advertising version haggle and what is a great example.

(7) point of the three latest version TrueView advertising effectiveness
Set of points together, so good!

(8) Sveta YDN, search targeting mechanism and setting the idea
How to utilize functionality by taking advantage of the YDN because you should read!