[20160902] No. 061 almost daily listing Gay communications


No. 61!

Here comes the YDN and burst evolution was!

5 article today!


(1) he would respond once somebody Google SEO consulting
Mueller's nice like me.I loved it!!

(2) expand the width of the target with fewer ad impressions and dangerous
So, exactly what keyword ≈ so far in targeting it, adding it is a major event and you need to recognize

(3) real behavioral targeting–real behavioral data to use to refine your advertising ROI measurement and prospects
It's like real behavioral targeting and much questioned techniques ~

(4) Japan's in the advertising industry faced the "most extreme competitive presentations" to
Copywriting do what the propaganda of 議sann is a long-established, isn't it?!

(5) on YDN search targeting keywords create conditions [URL search, validity period, number of searches] Add
YDN is in it seems to have evolved the strongest features search targeting one!