[20160831] No. 059 almost daily listing Gay communications


No. 59!

There are 8/31, article 2
Adjustment errors I was really was.
Here is the real 8/31!

By the way see Facebook attracted.”Was I too are involved in the production.

4 article today!

(1) when you put an ad on facebook once requested in may advertising design site

(2) [AdWords] examples of delivery using the ad templates
In the sense that first put in place of the banner is of great items.

(3) case of beauty clinic in Venice AP dating → inflow decreased successful to attract customers from across the country in content SEO
Study Venice AP update!Terminology is important.Further examples of the content of this article is interesting.

Targeting enhancements are added to Facebook ads (4)
Seems to have appeared some enhancements will!