[20160901] No. 060 almost daily listing Gay communications


Celebrated No. 60!

Good bye summer!Hi that autumn is 9/1!
It has been roughly understood.And this year was the year of AdWords.

9 article today!

(1) the Yahoo! JAPAN Links for Good at the end of September, terminated on YDN account to
Yahoo! nonprofit organizations backed by a face-changing sounds.

(2) link that can be set at the account level
I’m easy to work is-!Thank you for the Nice update!

(3) photo taken by ordinary people at CTR doubled!Anyone can buy and sell photo service “Snapmart” 3 tricks (interviews with ETO and Miho, representative)
As a service so I thought funny advantage and then look at you want to participate in!

(4) [examples] rebuild the account x maximize effectiveness of sponsored search with a variety of features
A simple structure ≈ is well utilized auto-bidding with Hagakure?.Using API-specific features?!

(5) cost-efficient 1.5 times! And analysis with GoogleAdWords “attribution”
It’s account have full CV’s capabilities in this area and will become much less important to

(6) set of structured snippet option
Fine structured snippet details to actually use, you want to weigh the results!

(7) new Facebook coupon, online or storefront available, developing a specific coupon code also
I heard of FaceBook advertising coupon system is strengthened.

(8) to choose?”Listings” and “SEO”
This article is a Hall of Fame-as described for

(9) 10 hidden wank hidden date book, 20-somethings, 30-somethings management books to hide.
I’m looking forward with a catchy title and content becomes a series of