[20160826] No. 056 almost daily listing Gay communications


No. 56!

About the basket dropped hot post!
Cage dropped it when is indispensable for dynamic remake is.
Summer is coming soon in there toward the end.
This time around I will be working.

Today is 6 articles!

(1) stop Google, Smartphone-enabled labels to
It will have thoroughly pursued UX of mobile-

(2) fan number 18 million people!Facebook says ‘Tokyo Otaku Mode’ in the past and now
It is important to increasing the Exchange!

About user search intent (3)Points to set negative keywords
Query decomposition of Do-Know-Go thought it good information!

(4) out effect in Facebook &Instagram advertising and creative?Success stories from three points
And by creative’s I think it is referring to.

(5) [special events] emergency meeting!物申su the advertising man from Bill!  Sell direct marketing secrets Internet advertising company x historical greats
Sell Internet advertising agency, it is is interesting to

(6) CPA a quarter!Dynamic remarketing advertisements to cart off customer
The basket dropped dynamic remake!I guess mainstream.Also rumored to hard setting is required!