[20160824] No. 054 almost daily listing Gay communications


No. 54!

Gay blog gathering various information?.
Do something about collecting information also encourages action from you glad!Thank you in advance.

8 article today!

(1) Haruyama trading, basket down, protection services introduced on EC Sales 4.Increased by 5%
Cage fell in 遂gereru its growth with measures mail sent is very nice.

(2) considering the campaign components of dynamic search ad (DSA)
With DSA specification changes for is featured, such as changes in the embedded, making y

(3) making it happen?How do you use?Castamargerney
It is well, should customer journey.

(4) advertising effect measurement of EC’s reason for using “access analysis tool + ad management screen”, should be
The channel is so much less and the EC to present large amounts of.

(5) tape duct tape “100 times” strongest? Comparison between experimental PR videos taken on vigor
I thought it was good video ads.Eye-catching!

(6) efficiency on the Web results greatly improved optical cross finite and digital marketing CRO solution
Like Babylon and have a CRO is nice!

Notice the Google all sorts of interstitial to lower ratings on mobile search algorithms change (7)
It will disturb the interstitial-what is not everyone cared about a lot.

(8) “not Web master list” in job selection and concentration.Appearance should be Web master says Mitsuru Honma
A selection of work, such as very important but has become a WEB master? ~