[20160825] No. 055 almost daily listing Gay communications


No. 55!

When finally the Google search linked ultra evolution.
I wonder exactly what results they can.
It is stay tuned.In the glare of my reply will leave another 2 times.

Today is 6 articles!

(1) base can be used for the closing times for combined techniques
So you like at the moment to decide at the end of the LP’s closing moments shared

(2) search advertising on AdWords advances official is to start [9/2016]
When ー-!-!-!9 / 20, before dawn, super fun too!

(3) this is must-read!How to predict user behavior and analysis using the active users of Google Analytics
Active user tab I did not much care to notice.

And (4) Twitter’s new feature-quality filters
Sounds like a new feature of Twitter.And the BOT’s or non-display of Tweets

(5) improvement of 1.8 times CTR!Sponsored search the long-awaited new features now available
These numbers will be helpful to

(6) “environment team welfare” publicly-traded company in the venture to continue needed
Share Hello everyone so I could share the feeling of adventure in