[20160822] No. 052 almost daily listing Gay communications


No. 52!

Always say a lot of the blog updates Monday
Look around and it’s hard!

Today is 6 articles!

(1) ads to display products that match users ‘Criteo”.Advantage of using EC carriers
In DSP threshold is high, but you want to try it-famous

(2) third period: do not frustrate the technology for digital advertising Department
Schoo’s huuuge!? no I do really interesting course ~!

(3) [TENGA] on the marketing of adult toy and important?[Selling one in 4.7 seconds]
Something but not buying thrills and spills!

(4) reasons should not be banged write blog full post on Facebook
Indeed, herein called the bait and in posts!

(5) risks involved perpetrators, victims and the mystery of the black company who
Don’t want to black businesses.(In a distant second)

(6) [detailed report] “Yahoo! shopping” provide outlets repeat & demonstrate good customer acquisition initiatives
I will writting some measures for the repeat breeding.