[20160819] No. 051 almost daily listing Gay communications


No. 51!

It is the same number as Ichiro!
Evening dinner is Yokohama family ramen + negiuretthew Bowl
I get hung up on the up-sell.

Today is 6 articles!

(1) some Internet companies and advertisers and do not know how to make TV COMMERCIALS
The passage of AB testing and unnerving.1000 NOK made from it has been nicely.

(2) Yahoo! compare view promotions and ads in Google AdWords
At the moment big is per display to a PC right area?.A user distributions other than there are differences.

(3) advertising production line “LINE Ads Platform information
Most large sill is 1 million budget and the minimum bid rate of at least?

(4) the influencers of the Allied architects, mini, and micro Shin service “WEIQ” exclusive launch
It feels cool just attacked in China’s massive market.

(5) “EC alone!”Peach John introduced IoT stores a reason for aiming at improving the customer experience
Do think felt like real analytics shops and things to do!

(6) that appears in the AdWords interface new keyword’s quality score is null
There are maintained around here to be in the article, as well as scores around knowledge.